United Methodist Church

Worship Service: Sunday at 10:00 AM


Belief Statement

1. God's grace is ever-present to us, leading us.
     God gives grace before we are aware of it. John Wesley called that prevenient grace. God gives grace when we claim it for ourselves. Wesley called that justifying grace. And God continues to give us grace as we deepen and grow in our faith. Wesley called that sanctifying grace. No matter what point we may be along our faith journey, God's grace is there for us. God even uses doubt to strenghten our faith.

2. We are "perfected" in Christian Community.
     We support one another in faith and life: encouraging each other in spirit, witnessing to what God has done in our lives, helping us be accountable for our behavior, celebrating and grieving with one another. We belong to God and each other. We accept differences. John Wesley said that we may differ in opinions, but "If your heart is with my heart, give me your hand."

3. Faith and good works belong together.
     Faith has its internal and external dimensions. It is important to act out our faith in the community. That's why this church helped to start Columbus Clubhouse, a recycling program, and the food pantry over the years. That's why we support mission around the world. We follow Wesley's general rules to do no harm, do all the good we can, and use the Means of Grace (prayer, fasting and abstinence, Christian conversation, searching the scriptures, worship, and the Lord's Supper).