United Methodist Church

Worship Service: Sunday at 10:00 AM


Paul Webster

Paul Webster is an agricultural missionary in Zambia, who works with Tshala and Betty Mwengo to improve life for people in northern Zambia. We have provided at least $1,500 of missionary support for Paul Webster for over four years.

The ethnic group that Paul works with was traditionally a hunter/gatherer group. They did not have a lot of familiarity with farming. They had hunted out all the natural prey, and now need to approach life in a more organized way. Here are some of the things Paul (and Tshala) teaches:

  • How to grow vegetables
  • How to grow crops like corn & soybeans
  • How to raise eggs and keep poultry
  • Animal traction (oxen, donkeys instead of tractors)
  • How to grow sunflower seeds and press them for oil
  • How to raise rabbits, pigs, bees, fish
  • How to raise milking animals
  • How to control erosion
  • Forestry
  • Construction

Paul, Tshala and Betty also are involved in:

  • Harnessing water power for electricity
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Preaching
  • Teaching how to keep children healthy

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